• Farm mania
    Farm mania is an offline farming game, with a new twist to the existing genre. As your local sky farmer you can plant, harvest and […]
  • Aztec adventures
    Aztec adventures is a Augmented reality point and click game, created for 3Museos from Mexico. The game was created for mobile devices, with a team […]
  • Bubbles and friends
  • Lights out
    Lights out was a project created for my school exam. We worked on this with 4 people (Names bellow). There is a playable prototype up […]
  • Weaponcraft
    A PBR game asset created for the course Game Art 1 at Digital Arts and Entertainment.
  • Crazy bunch – Character design
    Character designs for the course 2D at Digital Arts and Entertainment.
  • Lunar Lander
  • City scene
    The city scene was one of my first school projects, created for 3D low poly. Even though i could do it 10x beter now, i […]