The Idea

Lights out was a group work for the course Game Design 2. The project started by doing individual prototypes for co-op coach / arcade games.


Lights out is based around the concept of the child game tag where 1 player has to pass on the tag to the others. To keep it fast paced and motivating we added an elimination mechanic so the player had to get rid of the tag.


Of course this would not be enough and we added changing maps and powerups! Fun for the entire family.


Level Designs
Contribution &experience

Lights out was one of the first projects i had to do in group. We never had to work in the same files together or make big decisions in group. This would from time to time lead to frustrations within the group. 


By doing multiple group projects and assignments I have improves my team and management skills.


Contributions were:

UI and Gameplay and input code (90% of total code)

UI design

Implementing level designs

Modeling certain level props