High concept!

What if you combine classic farming games and high paced arcade games? You get a crazy, chaotic game where time is against you. You can farm crazy crops, sell crazy crops and unlock even more crazy crops! With the stage evolving through levels it gets more difficult over time! 

Game pitch

Farm mania is an offline farming game, with a new twist to the existing genre. As your local sky farmer you can plant, harvest and sell your crops!

With the money you earn you can expand your farm and unlock new mechanics.

 With goals like harvest targets, daily earnings and costumer missions the game offers variety and fun! 


The first step in the process of creating farm mania was making a concrete concept. This was done by creating unique High Concept Documents and testing out a variety of prototypes. 

My alien snackbar

Why open a normal snackbar when you can open one for aliens? Feed them all in your space snackbar

and watch the craziness unfold! 

Play as the crazy cook who works at the alien snackbar, with order coming in from in front of you, you prepare the whacky meals using whacky machinery. You can (Literally) throw the ingredients from one side of the room to the other side, into machines and into the mounths of costumers! 

To the moon

The player is a little cute asteroid in a procedural generated rocket (Depending on the difficulty). You always have the top and bottom stages, but what is in between is different every time. The player then goes through some mini games to prevent the journey to the moon of failing. After every successful mission the player earns some science, which can be used to make the next journey go faster/safer. This should also introduce new games.

Farm mania

The first prototype of Farm Mania was a 2D project where i just focused on 2 of the programming questions i had. 

1. How to do proper controller interactions (Due to the horrible controls of games like star dew valley.) The solution was to add a “Action wheel”. 

2. How to make plants grow and should I work grid based? The solution to this was fixed plots for plants and trees.