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Advanced game development.
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Prototyping and working on a variety on projects have learned me a lot about game mechanics and setups.


After my studies at Howest - Digital arts and entertainment, i have learned how the industry works and what the complete pipeline is.

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Robin Van de Vyvere

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+32 475 34 1066

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What can i do?


After working in unity for 5 years, i know the inside and outside of the engine. From c# to Shader graph and particles.


6 years of experience in 3d software like 3ds Max have tought me how to do make low/mid poly models, unwrapped and game ready.


In my studies i have worked on various projects, from classic arcade games to modern AR/VR. I can use every mechanic i know to come up with unique concepts and ideas.


Having the knowledge of server interactions and database management, i can setup sql servers, write proper sql statements and develop the required repositories/apis.